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New Report FAQ

Have any questions about our new snapshot report, or how it differs from our original report? Try these FAQs. If you still have questions, please let us know! We're happy to help in any way we can. 

How much does the new report cost? 

As always, the quick report (up to 50 tweets) is free. The full report (up to 1500 tweets from the past week) is $20. 

How is the new report different from the old report? 

First, it looks different. Way different and way better. Second, we've added some new metrics (details on those in the next question). We've moved a few things around, but we haven't removed anything from the old report. The report is just smarter and prettier than ever before. 

What new metrics are included in the new report? 

There are three major new sections in the new version of the TweetReach snapshot report. They are the Activity, Top Contributors and Top Tweets sections, explained below. There's a more detailed explanation of the new metrics here

  • Activity provides details about the tweets in this report, including a graphical timeline of when tweets were posted (times shown in UTC). 
  • Top Contributors shows you the top three contributors - participants whose tweets appear in this report. You'll see the highest contributor for each of three influence dimensions: highest exposure, most retweeted, and most mentioned. 
  • Top Tweets shows the three most retweeted tweets in this report, showing retweet counts for each tweet. 

How do I access the new report? 

If you have a TweetReach account (free or Pro), or if you purchase a full TweetReach report, then you can access to the new report now. To see it, first go run a report, the same way you always have. Your report will generate in its original form, and you'll see an option to view the new report. Just click that new report link to see the new version. You can switch back and forth between the old and the new versions for now.

In January, we'll open it up so everyone has access to the new report. If you want to see it and don't already have a free TweetReach account, you can sign up here

Will reports I ran earlier show up in the new version? 

No. Only new reports that you run from this point on will have the new look. Reports run before - whether it was yesterday or last year - will still appear in the original format. 

What time zone are my report tweets in? 

Tweets are shown in the UTC time zone in all snapshot reports. This includes both the tweets timeline and the activity graph. 

Can I share the new report publicly? 

Of course! You'll have a public share link for any report you run, and we'd love to have you sharing this new version around. In fact, give it to everyone! 

What if I have other questions about the new report? 

Just ask! Submit a help ticket and we'll get back to you right away with an answer. And if you have any specific feedback on the new report format or metrics, please let us know here

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