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Does TweetReach have access to the Twitter firehose?

Twitter offers developers two ways of accessing data about tweets. One way, the Search API, allows developers to query Twitter for recent tweets about a particular topic. The Search API has significant limitations when it comes to achieving full coverage. For example, tweets are filtered for "quality" and are limited to 1,500 tweets from the last 5-7 days. We use the Search API for our individual snapshot reports (both the free and the full $20 versions). These are great if you're looking for a quick overview of recent tweets, but will not include anything more than a week old and does not always index the full dataset. 

But when you want full coverage access to old or new tweets, you need something more comprehensive than our snapshot reports. The second way to access tweets is through one of Twitter's certified data resellers. We have selected Gnip as our source for full-fidelity Twitter data. In fact, we're part of their Plugged In To Gnip partner program, which means they recognize that we can deliver you the highest quality Twitter data available. Our TweetReach Pro Trackers are built on Gnip's real-time PowerTrack stream and include full coverage of all tweets as they are posted - no limits - for your search terms. Our historical analytics are built on Gnip's Historical PowerTrack stream, and includes access to the most complete Twitter archive available anywhere, dating back to March 2006. Both our real-time, ongoing Trackers and our historical analytics are premium products built on full-fidelity Twitter streams from Gnip. 

If you have any questions about what tweets we can access and how, please let us know

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