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Why do I need a TweetReach Pro subscription?

A TweetReach Pro subscription is ideal if you run multiple full reports per month and/or want continuous tracking of search queries. We offer several subscription plan levels to fit various reporting needs.

The main benefits of a TweetReach subscription are access to real-time TweetReach Trackers, unlimited snapshot reports, elevated customer support, API access and much more. 

Trackers are ideal for tracking tweets about a campaign over time, as well as for monitoring all tweets for active or popular topics. 

The TweetReach Tracker is also great for:

  • Brand or Twitter account monitoring
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Twitter contests and promotions
  • Events and conferences
  • Trend analysis
  • Any active search terms that generate more than 1500 tweets

There are more details about TweetReach Pro on our website.

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