Contributor reporting in Trackers

Our new Tracker contributor reporting can help you identify key contributors who are generating the most engagement and impressions about your campaign or client. To access these features, click the All link next to the Contributors list on your main Tracker page. 


In addition to traditional metrics like number of tweets and impressions generated by each contributor, the contributor summary report includes new metrics like:

  • Retweets: The number of times a contributor's tweets were retweeted
  • RT Rate: The average number of retweets per tweet a contributor has received. This is defined as retweets / tweets.
  • Total Exposure: The total number of impressions generated by a contributor, including direct impressions from the contributor's own tweets, as well as amplified impressions resulting from retweets and replies
  • Amplification Multiplier: A contributor's rate of amplification, based on how far that contributor's tweets spread due to the impressions generated by retweets and replies. This is defined as ((total exposure - impressions) / impressions) + 1

You can also drill into any contributor to see detailed metrics for that person. Just click on any username to see that contributor's details.

TweetReach Trackers provide ongoing, real-time Twitter analysis and are available through a TweetReach Pro subscription.

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