Are there tweet volume limits for TweetReach Pro plans?

We maintain flexible "soft" limits to ensure we provide a high quality service for all TweetReach Pro users, while enabling everyone to access very large numbers of tweets. To help meet your tweet tracking needs, we have a variety of plan levels across all tweet volumes. Here are our monthly tweet volume limits: 
  • Mini ($84/month): 100,000 tweets per month
  • Basic ($149/month): 200,000 tweets per month
  • Plus ($324/month): 500,000 tweets per month
  • Premium ($549/month): 1,000,000 tweets per month
  • Max ($899/month): 2,000,000 tweets per month
  • Ultimate ($2500/month): 6,000,000 tweets per month

Bear in mind that these are somewhat soft limits - not strict caps - and allow for some periodic spikes in volume. If you're already on one of these plans and are anticipating a large spike in activity, let us know and we'll make sure you're covered.  If you're trying to decide what plan to sign up for, use these numbers as a guide to help you determine what plan will best meet your needs. You can change plans at any time, as your needs change. And we're happy to help you decide - just ask us!

For high volume topics like TV shows, large-scale events, general research, and current events, you'll need our Max or Ultimate plan. If you're running marketing campaigns or tracking multiple hashtags, our Basic or Plus plan should be perfect. And if you're just getting started or want to analyze Twitter parties or chats, then our 1-Tracker Mini plan is ideal.

Finally, our TweetReach Pro trial is limited to 10,000 tweets during the trial period. And individual Trackers are limited to 2 billion impressions each. If you have any questions about TweetReach Pro plan levels, please let us know. 

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