Exploring the TweetReach Pro dashboard

All Pro subscribers now have access to the TweetReach Pro dashboard. Allowing you to quickly view and compare you account data at a glance, we think the new dashboard is a big improvement over our old version. Here are a few things you can do with the new dashboard: 
  • Surface Tracker stats for each of our four main metrics in the graph - click on the gray box for that metric
  • Reorder your Trackers - just grab one and move it
  • Select and deselect Trackers to display in graph - click on the colored corner triangle to toggle on and off
  • Review Tracker stats for any day in the past month - hover over the day's dot on the graph to see daily stats
  • Explore recently-run snapshot reports - click on any report title on the right
  • Run new snapshot reports - type your search query into the report box on the right
  • Set up new Trackers - click the Create Tracker button on the left, below the graph
  • Drill into and edit Trackers - click on the View and Edit links below a Tracker's title
  • View overall account stats, including total all-time tweets analyzed and the number of active Trackers, snapshot reports and account users - all listed in the top right corner

You can view your overall account dashboard at youraccount.tweetreach.com, which will include all Trackers and snapshots in your account, as well as individual project dashboards, which you can access by drilling into your projects.


Hover over any day to see detailed metrics for that day, for all Trackers displayed in your graph. 


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