What is the My Reports archive?

Whenever you run a report while you're logged in to a free TweetReach account, that report will be automatically saved to your My Reports archive. You can run - and save - unlimited reports to My Reports, as well as access these reports later through the My Reports link in the top right corner of your account. You can view, print, share or export a saved report at any time. 

If you ever want to remove a report from your My Reports archive, first click into the report. Then click the Saved to My Reports button on the left side of your report toolbar (highlighted in red below), removing this report from your My Reports archive. If you click this button by mistake, you can re-click the Save to My Reports button and it will re-save the report. 

If the star is yellow, the report is currently saved to My Reports. It the star is gray, the report is not saved.


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